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Start-ups and Small Businesses 


Together we will create and establish your business in your current state by providing an step by step instructions that will help you get started within 1-3 days. Once registered, we will also help with developing an strong financial profile, planning/goal setting, building web-pages, and establishing business credit for your new business.  


Small Businesses

Together we will create accurate business credit profiles with Dun and Bradstreet and obtain a DUNS number if client does not already have one.  Additionally, we will update other Business Credit Bureaus if applicable.  Business updates usually take between 5-21 days.  The length of time is determined by the business bureaus. Gentry Consultants will assist client in creating and publishing important Business Directories Listings. This is so lenders can locate your company. Approximately 70% of all lenders will try to locate your business in SPECIFIC directories. This will increase credit approvals and help raise limits by enabling lenders to locate the client’s business. This makes lenders comfortable lending to a business without any previous credit history. Once the previous steps are complete, we provide your business with 2 suggested lines of credit. We have selected Preferred Lenders that will offer your company credit terms without a client having any business credit history. Client can then use the available credit. This new credit will report to the business credit bureaus usually within 2-7 weeks. The client now has 1-2 lines of credit reporting to the Business Credit Bureaus.

Large Companies 


Big Businesses

We start by documenting your goals and then compare them to your current portfolio. We use proven investment strategies designed to meet your risk tolerance and stand up against market volatility. And you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your needs and goals. Gentry Consultants perform various specialized functions, including core strategy development, operational optimization, risk advisory services and human capital advisory. We provide clients with guidance in various spheres of business, including corporate strategy, business transformation, and digital and innovation capabilities. We also provide clients with guidance regarding business process optimizations to improve operational business capabilities and help clients with solutions with change management and aide with any organizational changes that may affect the employees. 

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